SEO Clickbait – How to write great headlines

SEO headline.

Clickbait headline.

Which one wins? If you ask me, you don’t have to choose.

The battle between SEO and clickbait headlines has raged far too long.

If you optimize for both people and search engines — which we know works in body content — you can’t lose.

Google has one goal: please its user base.

If people are happy with the content in the SERPs, the search engine generates more advertising revenue and enjoys more traffic.

Similarly, people click on content because they’re enticed by the headline.

If your headline is written strictly for search engines, your prospective customers might ignore it entirely.

That’s bad for everyone.

So how do you marry SEO and clickbait headlines? What makes a great headline — both for searchers and search engines?

Before we answer those questions, though, we need to figure out how people and search engines evaluate content.
Search intent and Google rankings

You know how I feel about SEO.

It’s essential for your website if you want to rank the content you create.

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